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Logo for clothingThe association is offering members a chance to order sweatshirts, jackets, and polo shirts displaying the C&O Canal Association's logo. This fashionable gear is available for a limited time. Visit our news page for more information.


Item Description
Poster (click to enlarge) Poster: An 18" x 24" version of Mark Stutzman's original C&O Canal artwork. Created to celebrate the NPS Centennial, Mark's painting depicts various scenes along the canal. Suitable for framing. Click to enlarge. Price: $8
Paw Paw tunnel Postcards: A 5" x 7" version of Mark Stutzman's full-size poster above. (The Paw Paw tunnel vignette is shown at left.) Price: $1
Handbook coverC&O Canal Official National Park Handbook: Official national park handbooks are a series of reasonably priced user guides that provide historical background, descriptive details, and visitor information. In 2015 the C&O Canal Association published an update to the 1991 original which includes:
Revised text that includes recent research about the canal’s history
Features reflecting the improvements to the park
New photographs that show the present-day canal features
Updated maps
Price: $8
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Pocket Guide Pocket Guide to to the C&O Canal National Historical Park: This revised edition is a great way to track progress during a walk or ride on the towpath. The book lists 580 sites and features, includes canal maps, and provides space for user notes. A laminated cover provides improved durability over the earlier editions. Read more... Price: $3
Hahn book coverThomas F. Hahn, Towpath Guide to the C&O Canal: With new photos and research, updated maps, and a 21st century makeover, Thomas Hahn’s labor of love remains the most comprehensive mile-by-mile guide to the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal. Journey 184.5 miles past former wharfs and foundries on the Georgetown waterfront, through quaint Potomac River towns, to the mountainous region of Western Maryland, while exploring all of the canal locks, lockhouses, aqueducts, and culverts along the way. Shipping via media mail
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t-shirt imageT-shirts that highlight the 11 historic aqueducts along the canal. The shirts are royal blue with white graphics. On the front is the Assocation’s name and canal boat logo. The reverse displays a map printed with the location of each aqueduct. (See picture.) Large size sold out.

CLEARANCE price $8.50.
thumbnail drawingCanal artist Tom Kozar's splendid pen and ink drawing of the Monocacy Aqueduct as it appeared in its glory days. Tom is well known for his artful draftsmanship with a sharp eye for revealing detail. Tom donated these drawings to the association to help its original fund-raising drive to restore the aqueduct. Each 11"x17" print is numbered as part of a limited edition. CLEARANCE price: $5

Dan Guzy, Navigation on the Upper Potomac and Its Tributaries. (C&OCA, 2008) Paperback, 166 pages. This book describes commerce on the Potomac River in the era before the C&O Canal, and how George Washington and others used such improvements as sluices and bypass canals to promote this busy trade route to the west. Photos of the remains of these structures are among the many illustrations of the book, which also includes three appendices, notes, and an index.

CLEARANCE price: $5
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Robert J. Kapsch and Elizabeth Perry Kapsch, Monocacy Aqueduct on the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal (Medley Press, 2005). Paperback, 110 pages, bibliography, notes, illus. This book tells the story of the design, construction, and use of one of the C&O Canal’s most famous structures, and also describes the successful rehabilitation effort completed in 2005.

CLEARANCE price: $5
FREE SHIPPING via media mail

William E. Davies, The Geology and Engineering Structures of the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal: An Engineering Geologist’s Description and Drawings. (C&OCA, 1999.) Paperback, 636 pages. This book is a 1989 draft of a lifetime work by a noted geologist and expert on flooding that C&OCA published after the author’s death. Although unfinished, this work is a uniquely valuable description of structures and formations along the whole length of the canal.

CLEARANCE price: $9
FREE SHIPPING via media mail
David Edward-Mays, North American Inland Waterways, (published by Euromapping), a folding map in color that is indexed and includes more than 100 canals. Price: $25
Francis (Champ) Zumbrun, A History of Green Ridge State Forest (published by The History Press, May 2010).  Paperback, 5 ½ by 8 ½ inches, 160 pages, more than 55 illustrations.  Tells the story of a remarkable state forest established on land once owned by a builder of boats for service on the C&O Canal.   Price: $20
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