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Past projects

Canal-related curricula

By April 23, 2020November 19th, 2020No Comments

In 1992, the C&O Canal National Historical Park was awarded funds through the National Park Service’s Heritage Education Program to support one ranger to develop and to produce materials for teachers and students along the C&O Canal. The curricula would relate to canal cultural history, engineering, architecture and the canal’s natural and environmental aspects for use in the schools and on-site in the Park. When the award was less than requested, the association was requested to supplement this program.

The C&O Canal Association donated $2,000 to purchase a computer and software to produce the materials that initially would be provided to the Washington County school system. Once the program was established, it was to be introduced into the elementary school systems in all of the jurisdictions from Washington, DC to Allegheny County.

(Updated August 2019.)