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Memorial and Honor Donations

If you would like to make a donation in memory of a deceased person or in honor of a living person, please use the form below. (*Required fields.)
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Donors may choose any of five funds:

  • The Kenneth Rollins C&O Canal Fund, a revolving fund to support current projects and programs in and for the C&O Canal National Historical Park.
  • The Rachel Stewart Swains Lock Area Improvement Fund, which will be used to fund improvements to the area around Swains Lock, as they are identified in conjunction with the National Park Service. Rachel Stewart, a former president of the association who died in 2014, was the site manager at Swains Lock as part of the park’s Canal Steward program.
  • The Davies Legal Defense Fund, which supports the association’s involvement in activities such as opposition to the construction of the proposed Georgetown University boathouse within the C&O Canal National Historical Park. The association opposes the transfer of public land to any individual or enterprise for private use.
  • World Canals Conference 2021 Fund, which will help underwrite the association’s commitment to host the 2021 World Canals Conference in Hagerstown.
  • Nancy C. Long Aqueduct Preservation Fund, which can be used to fund the maintenance, repair, and restoration of canal aqueducts.

Contributions received without a Fund designated will normally be placed in the Kenneth Rollins C&O Canal Fund. However, we will appreciate your indicating the fund for which your donation is intended. The C&O Canal Association is a volunteer organization. No administrative overhead is taken from donations; the entire amount is used for the specific fund’s purpose.

Contributions will be acknowledged by a letter to the donor, and will also be listed in our quarterly newsletter, Along The Towpath.  Please let us know if you prefer your contribution to be anonymous.

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