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Handbook cover

Handbook cover

C&O Canal Official National Park Handbook: Official national park handbooks are a series of reasonably priced user guides that provide historical background, descriptive details, and visitor information. In 2015 the C&O Canal Association published an update to the 1991 original which includes:
– Revised text that includes recent research about the canal’s history
– Features reflecting the improvements to the park
– New photographs that show the present-day canal features
– Updated maps

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Small map

Williamsport area

David Edwards-May, Inland Waterways of North America. This folding map shows all the navigable waterways on the continent. The 2019 edition includes an inset for the C&O Canal. It also shows other abandoned canals that were so important to our history. Read more..

Price: $25
Book cover: Trembling in the Balance

Snyder book cover

Tim Snyder, Trembling in the Balance:The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal During the Civil War.
“With this book, Tim Snyder fills a major gap in the available sources on the C&O Canal. Although the canal was of enormous importance in remarkably diverse ways during the Civil War, that full story has never been written. It is a rare and remarkable story, and Tim Snyder tells it more fully and expertly than anyone has before.” – Karen M. Gray, Ph.D., C&O Canal historian

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Hahn guide cover

Hahn guide cover

Thomas F. Hahn, Towpath Guide to the C&O Canal: With new photos and research, updated maps, and a 21st century makeover, Thomas Hahn’s labor of love remains the most comprehensive mile-by-mile guide to the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal. Journey 184.5 miles past former wharfs and foundries on the Georgetown waterfront, through quaint Potomac River towns, to the mountainous region of Western Maryland, while exploring all of the canal locks, lockhouses, aqueducts, and culverts along the way.

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2022 Trailguide cover

TrailGuide cover

TrailGuide (18th edition for 2022) is the official, authorized guidebook for the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal Towpath, covering two scenic trails — and one amazing journey between Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C. It’s packed with mile-by-mile trail descriptions, town maps and directories, and itineraries for day trips, weekends, and thru-rides. Included is a two-sided, weatherproof 7.625” x 24.75” map, showing both trails and hundreds of features. TrailGuide includes a mileage chart, a plan-your-trip checklist, suggestions on photo ops, options for camping, and a list of parking and trail access points.

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Peterson book cover

Indian Fish Traps

Don Peterson, Indian Fish Traps in the Potomac River, Brunswick, Maryland: Second Edition 2020, this 29-page book details two Native American fish traps located in Brunswick. Peterson also provides the historical context of fish traps, how the traps were constructed and operated, and what fish species were trapped.

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Railing on Catoctin Aqueduct
Heron along the canal