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Immortal Nine

On March 19, 1954 Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, reporters and thirty-two others began their eight-day hike to save the canal. From this assembly nine completed the entire hike. We know them as the “Immortal Nine.” They were:

  • Justice William O. Douglas
  • Harvey Broome, an attorney from Knoxville, Tennessee, who was past president of the Smoky Mountains Hiking Club and vice president of The Wilderness Society
  • Grant Conway, Washington, D.C., an enthusiastic hiker and historian of areas along the canal
  • Albert E. Farwell, Washington, D.C., research and examination analyst with the Foreign Operations Administration
  • George Frederick Miller, a 73-year-old retired educator, who had recently walked the 2,025-mile length of the Appalachian Trail from Maine to Georgia
  • Olaus Murie, of Moose, Wyoming, president of The Wilderness society, one of the leading biologists of the country
  • Jack Pearmain of Boston, Massachusetts, a noted cyclist and food authority
  • Colin Ritter, of Arlington, Virginia, geographer and analyst in the Air Force
  • Dr. Constant Southworth, State Department economist on Canadian affairs, who was co-chairman of the Audubon Society’s committee on preservation of natural areas in Washington

Source: Along the Towpath, December 1991