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Renew Your Membership For 2024

You can renew your membership for 2024 online. (Note: A PayPal account isn’t required. A credit card will work just fine. Or you can pay by check using our 2024 renewal form in PDF format.)
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Membership dues fund the operation of the association. The all-volunteer C&O Canal Association is a nonprofit organization as defined by Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. As no goods or services were provided to you in return for your charitable contribution, both your dues and donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent otherwise allowed by law.

With donations the entire amount is used for the fund specified. No administrative overhead is taken from donations. Donors may choose any of the following funds:

  • Kenneth Rollins C&O Canal Fund, a revolving fund to support current projects and programs in and for the C&O Canal National Historical Park.
  • Davies Legal Defense Fund, which supports the association’s involvement in activities such as opposition to the construction of the proposed Georgetown University boathouse within the C&O Canal National Historical Park. The association opposes the transfer of public land to any individual or enterprise for private use.
  • Nancy C. Long Aqueduct Preservation Fund, which can be used to fund the maintenance, repair, and restoration of canal aqueducts.
  • Cumberland Boat Fund, which supports maintenance of the replica canal boat on display at Cumberland Canal Place.

If you wish to make a contribution separate from the renewal process, visit our donation page.

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